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Our perception of grooming and keeping oneself up to date and fresh is, more often than not, quite incorrect. Some people think that paying the salon regular visits is the kind of thing that only ‘preppy, vain girls’ do but that should not be the case. Taking care of your personal grooming should be a priority for everyone.


Proper or improper grooming can have a long lasting and far-reaching impact on the people you meet, and, subsequently, your personal and professional life. If you go to a job interview with dirty, unkempt nails or messy hair, you are bound to make a negative impression as the first thing they will associate with you is your appearance.

Girl with crazy long brown hair
Girl with crazy long brown hair

For people you will only be meeting once or a couple of times, you will be recognized by or associated with a specific trait in your appearance that stood out to them. Nobody wants to be ‘the guy with the crazy hair’ or ‘the girl with the chipped nail polish’. You want to be known as the person who looks and smells impeccable- someone who knows how to take care of themselves and groom properly. That is why it never hurts to pay the salon or beauty parlour a visit from time to time to keep up to date with your regular grooming needs.


Nail Salon
Nail Salon


KBook understands the need for proper and thorough access to all available beauty shops, salons, and grooming spots in the city and that is why has compiled all the hotspots in one place. Now, wherever you are, you can simply open up the KBook website and type in your location in Perth as well as the kind of service you are looking for- whether it is a beauty parlour, a hair stylist, or a grooming shop- and hit Search and voila! You will have access to all the respective services in your vicinity.


A business directory like KBook makes life ten times as easier, organised, and convenient as it would be without one. A business directory lists all the services in a particular niche that you can access at a given time, in a given location. Not only that, but you can also make appointments through such services. With KBook, you can very easily find out about new beauty spots and make immediate appointments so you do not miss out. No longer do you have to pay the parlour an actual visit to make an appointment or scour their webpage for a contact number for this purpose- simply search them up through KBook, and make an online appointment free of cost!

Young stylist with styling iron straightening woman hair at beauty salon

Therefore, while grooming and beauty is a necessity, it does not have to be a pain or hardship. Something as usual and necessary as personal grooming should be made as convenient as possible for everyone and we are making that possible for the people of Perth. So give yourself a break, sit back, and let yourself be pampered!

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